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Graduated from the German University in Cairo with a BSc in Applied Sciences & Arts, Nour Elleissy is a designer based in Cairo specialized in conceptual-strategic thinking, creating spatial experiences and identity formation across a wide range of disciplines from communication design to spatial design.

Drawn to conceptual, research, critical and playful projects - Nourmal is driven by curiosity to develop an informed voice built through research, philosophy and practical work. Convinced in harnessing the significant importance of content; Nourmal is committed to address design challenges by creating contexts that take into consideration socio-cultural factors as an integral tool to navigate space & time; placing narratives as the leading foundation of her design process.

Having lived across Asia, Africa, and the Middle-East, Nour’s intutive and gradual integration into the local contexts came through the significance of their genius loci; experiencing their visual cues and interactions being transferred in a non-verbal manner, accentuating her awarness on the value of connection through relevance, communication and most of the time - observing and absorbing, the unspoken heritage the context holds.  

Nour Elleissy is the Concept Design Team Leader
at studio PARADIGM.

In another way, this trigged her deep interest towards indigenous peoples, diving into cultural anthropology. And so in parallel, Nour’s work and passion is currently expanding into exploring, discovering and analyzing how colonialism still manifests itself in locality - particularly in the Arab region - questioning our conditioned state, and seeking how to unlearn it.

It’s a critical/explorative dive into decolonization by design [or even pure curiosity in everyday-life]
in attempt to bring forward neglected narratives, pivoting the perspective through alternative scenarios, presenting different possible realities.





i’m always interested to collaborate on exciting projects!
so if you’ve got an idea, i’m looking forward to hear from you:

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.useless facts.
i’m left-handed. i prefer odd numbers. i was a horseback rider/equestrian and was the leader of my class. i don’t understand the hype on orange juice and im not sure i get to say this when my favorite one is tomato juice. the desert is my favorite landscape. practically skipped all my math classes, and would do it all over again, no regrats. fluent in arabic, french, english but mi espanol es mas o menos bien. i believe design is everywhere, it’s a manifestation and evidence of being. asia, africa and swana region own my heart and soul. my sense of orientation is horrible - quite fascinating how bad it is. i love sarcasm and dark humor. dotted or blank notebooks are my go-tos, linear ones simply feel wrong. anatomy and motherhood in nature mesmerize me and give me a boost of hope. winter is my favorite season. white, black, green and grey are my favorite colors. for real, espresso is the elixir of life. electronics dislike me so much, they give up on a record time. i believe women are soldiers by nature. i used to play piano and oud. unfortunately, overthinking actually pays off. rumi and guy de maupassant are my favorite authors. this was a patience test, if you’ve made it so far - you’re a champion.

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