Matter is manifested, experienced and lives through an intricate amalgamation of magnetic attraction, creating an impactful and significant moment.  all it takes is a point in space and time.

In other words, YOU ARE THE MATTER. only through your presence, is the bounds of space and time are shaped and connected together. you are the source of its significance, and the key of interpreting its electrifying impact.

In that moment; there’s an active, subtle distortion of time and space, unfolding a culture of boundless experience. 

And so, imagine the festival’s experience as innovation frozen in time, captured in a moment, while it’s moving towards the future. It’s the bullet time principle, placed into effect spatially. Also known as frozen moment, bullet time is a visual effect or visual impression of detaching the space and time of viewer from those of its visible subject. Spatially speaking, the venue’s experiential design purpose is to slow down the essence of design, in order to encounter it as a happening.


                                                                            unfolding a culture of boundless experience.


My role 

Conceptual art direction

Marking the opening of FMD’s second edition, the installation invites one to experience the magnitude of design’s expansion in the form of a layered tangibility. Through your subjective exploration of the space, the spatio-temporal setting is distorted, unfolding a culture of boundless, infinite experiences.

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