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Republic of the castaway is for refugees. The passport is in a satiric tone, expressing the passivity and insensibility of the international community towards a human crisis. Satire is used to humiliate the reader of the lack of contribution in the ongoing situation, as to also let him or her learn information in a new interesting form. The passport displays the struggles of an arabic refugee: on one hand the stereotyping through the eyes of the media and the public opinion, and on the other hand, the reality of his situation through facts.

                                                                    It is crucial to be empathetic towards the refugees, as most of them flee from Syria and Iraq not out of choice, but in order to simply survive.


To be empathetic.
To learn, to wonder about and recognize a crisis that could be handled better, either politically or/and humanitarianly.
In 2015, EU countries offered asylum to 292,540 refugees. In the same year, more than a million migrants applied for asylum. BBC
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates that more than 1,011,700 migrants arrived by sea in 2015, and over 3,770 migrants died trying to make it to Europe's shores


A satiric approach on the demanding documentation asked from the refugees in a time of crisis.
The theoritical passport will bring attention to a serie of ridiculous reasons why a refugee is being denied of settling into a first world country.
Pages’ background are ornamented with sea creatures, numbers are facts from the current situation, transparent spread of city’s destruction, rejection stamps, and words are Arabic poetry about home and war.

As much as people might be concerned about refugee’s situation, they are not attracted well enough to contribute to it. They are constantly faced with political vocabulary or systematic numbers.
Sarcasm however, enables a discourse, an open discussion and is capable of humiliating people by making them notice how inactive they are, without offending them.
This realization can create a serie of actions, simply starting by one person who decides to be more vocal about the refugees’ suffering.

The structure of the passport is very much inspired by the real Egyptian passport, but the text is twisted and modified to emphasize the sarcastic tone.
The designs are inspired by sea creatures and their details to create fine lines and passport-like patterns, in order to combine the real concept of
passport and the journey done by sea.

Numbers and Facts are from reliable sources, such as:
The Internal Organization for Migration
Amnesty International
NewAfrican Magazine
The Times


 Just as much, the spread reflects the mentality that once an Arab is granted a VISA, the                       ︎︎︎ stereotyping is surely continuous and should be furtherly approached with caution. The poem is written by a Syrian poet who is expressing his love and loyalty to Damascus. 

you can read its English version here

︎︎︎ The first spread of the passport, called the data page is where “all the important information about the traveler is found, along with their picture.” Instead, the written content evokes typical stereotyping towards anyone from the Arab world faces, simply neglecting the presence of various cultures with the region, emphasizing a troubling and unsettling image. In addition of being a passport held by a refugee/asylum seeker, the content accentuates the treatment they’re most likely to unapologetically still receive, aggravating the gruesome situation they’re going through.

︎︎︎ This spread communicates only a small glimpse of segregative mentality. These facebook comments were actual ones on Amnesty International official Facebook page. The profile pictures are hidden, and the profile names are edited to sarcastically reflect the paradox of the situation: to say the least, the content is racist, harsh and absolutely non-cooperative. 

︎︎︎The EU but particuarly Germany, was extremely hyped in the media for granting asylum / accepting a spectacular number of Syrian refugees. But the numbers speak of another reality: The percentage of accepted misplaced people is minimun in comparison to the total number of people seeking asylum

while in the meantime,
the Middle East accepted a much larger number of Syrian refugees but little coverage or praise was done on the situation.

“EUROPA IST WUNDERBAR” & “ARABS SIND INACTIV” are in German, each actually having been used in common conversations - the spread is reflecting the dismorphity of the global map, ridiculing and dismissing in a way, the biase perspective of the media.

The printed version of the passport is presented in a damaged manner, reflecting the hurtful and fragile state of its owner. This document is easily judged and disregard by the hosting country, controlling and commanding the owner’s stability into a new life - yet on the other hand, it is the most valuable asset to the refugee; acting as a shield and a possible antidote to surviving a degrading treatment.


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