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Conceptual Art Direction
Topic Development and Writing
Poster Design
Project Overview

Conceptually speaking, the pavilion is a disruptive protest against the surrendering to the mundane, which any one of us can break by attuning their sense of activeness; may it be in the subconscious sense or physical aspect. The pavilion is hoping to embody the significance of reflection tha leads to rediscovery - being the vital remedy to notice what has been forgotten or ignored. It’s about creating an unconventional, immersive moment that sparks the act of observation; which on its own, is very much capable of delivering care or driving questions, that can possibly stem a sense of awareness
                                                                                                                    or/and root the ambition to act.

                    How did the pavilion came to be?

                                                                               With time, we get used to the components that are surrounding us – we no longer quite look at them, we may even take them for granted.
                                                               Details are blurred, and changes are practically on the subconscious level, assumed that they will cease;
                                                                               we somehow become conditioned into a scenario of certain stillness concerning the composition around us.

                                                                                                        We become passive, and we belittle the importance of observation, hence we slowly but surely tame our instinct to be active,
                                                            our genuine engagement diminishes - it’s almost the failure of contextualizing our own self:
                                                                                                                                            what do I make of the existing space and time that I’m in? which leads to the bigger question; why might I assume nothing is changing,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                when the real constant is change?

Spatially interpreted as a “tunnel journey” of reflection, the pavilion speaks a language of intervention by being placed diagonally in contrast with the linear language of the venue;

emphasizing a moment that encourages giving attention by creating
a submersive volume that plays between closed and unclosed attributes:

                        it’s a state of captivation and wanderement to genuinely notice the organic nature in one focus; may it be the sky,
the tree, the light and yourself within them
                                    - wholesomely coming together and accessible.

The dominance of the reflective material represents the abrupt need to resuscitate rediscovery by shrinking the distance between one’s passiveness and their context by twisting or even shattering the usual assumption and routinely perspective of the venue’s experience;

                                    the expected is no more.

On its external dimension, the pavilion’s form actively and confidently plunges
into the Plaza Escuelas Trevijano’s borders to focus its direction in the inclusion
of the lonely tree by making it the central hero of the spatial experience; a statement
of rejecting the lack of attention it receives and instead, elevating its presence
as a fundamental participatory being that is worthy of being acknowledged,
appreciated through di erent angles; re-seen.

Through one of its facades, the pavilion teases to activate curiosity through intriguing exploration: with the presence of stairs and different levels of open slits,
one is free to actively seek to see through them what is hiding. 

On its internal dimension, the pavilion envelops you in a reflective state to notice your presence among the tree, sky and light.

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