RiseUp provides a summit experience to a curious in a young, glocal environment with an expert, reliable voice - empowering them with a diverse range of opportunities.

RiseUp Summit of 2018’s creative concept was to communicate the dimensions of grounded experiences through engaging and vibrant design; reflecting a sense of relatable, ambitious local attributes that looks towards the international scale.

“grounded experiences” is about revealing, exposing and unfolding the dimensions of reality:

from content to experience, the attendees are welcomed into a setting that dwelves into the essence of things, with the principle to cater in a tangible manner, how one could possibly realistically [hence, in a grounded way] learn and benefits from these essene to achieve their own version of on-ground experiences.

Photography of local Cairo have  been included for the first time within RiseUp’s branding; emphasizing the importance of the realistic content. In addition, all visual designs were playfully and calucately placed on ground and on eye level - symbolically reflecting the dimensions of reality.


                                                                            grounded experiences

My role 

Conceptual art direction
Spatial experience and Spatial identity
Social Media Campaign

oksoundsgood. is a dynamic and modern art community space, welcoming young and established artists to expand experiences by creating a culture of contemporary connections.





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